[Community-Discuss] NAT64

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Fri May 13 17:37:13 UTC 2016

> On May 12, 2016, at 21:52 , arbogast fabian <arbogast.fabian at aku.edu> wrote:
> Folks…
> We are looking into way we can gradually deploy IPv6 in our network…
> Already we have it running and we have one Test Machine……. The challenge we are facing is that from that machine with IPv6 and from other Machines with IPv4 we can’t communicate in either direction..

Why not put both IPv6 _AND_ IPv4 on both sets of machines?

> IPv6 Machine just communicate with IPv6 only machines like wise IPv4 Machines just communicate with IPv4 machines ….

If you put IPv4 on the IPv6 machine, it will be able to talk to both.

If you put IPv6 on the IPv4 machines, they will be able to talk to the IPv6 only machine.

> A work around is to do NAT64 between the two subnets….

Ick, but yes, if you must.

> It seems the hardware (Cisco 2921 router with IOS Version 15.0) can’t do NAT64……..

Stand up a cheap Linux box or VM to do the NAT64 and DNS64 (you will need both).

>> From the internet it seems NAT64 runs on IOS-XE and IOS-CGSE which are Hardware dependent……..seems that we can’t upgrade IOS Version 15.0 to any the two which supports NAT64.
> Before committing any expenses to acquire new router we want to reach out to the community for comments and advises….

First, if possible, avoid NAT64 and use native dual-stack. If you don’t have sufficient IPv4 resources to do so, you can still acquire additional resources from AfriNIC at this time.


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