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I'm with Andrew on this one. Yes, AFRINIC has a list of insatiable needs
with limited resources. Even the global economy has been relatively
unstable over the last few years, at least I can say for 3 to 4 countries
in Africa. I think there is no harm in trying to raise additional revenues
for AFRINIC if need be.

However, the main concern I have like many others is in the manner by which
this "fairly dramatic rise in fees" (in Andrew's words) were considered and
approved before being communicated to the community. The Internet community
is global but we also should know that not all our fingers are equal.


Speaking as a resource member here again.

Let’s stop and analyse for a second.

The community wants more v6 outreach and training – this costs money

The community wants (I hope) wants AfriNIC to be part of the global
community – this costs money

The community wants a push for RPKI – this costs money

Segments of the community want an audit proposal that will put severe
pressure on the hostmasters and need to a resource crunch meaning more
people – This costs money

The community wants (and has) 2 meetings a year – these cost money

I can keep listing….

The community has seen the financials clearly presented in the last few
years and the financials clearly indicate that AfriNIC has very little
financial reserve and has in fact for years been running on a very close to
breakeven (and in many cases at a loss, especially if you discount FOREX
gains, which cannot be relied on)

The community has questioned why AfriNIC’s financial reserve is as low as
it is (particularly in Tunis).


Members of the same community are proposing a fee decrease and as a result
a cut in revenue….

Pray tell, how do you propose AfriNIC funds all the points listed above?
Money doesn’t grow on trees, it can’t be picked like fruit, there are no
lotteries AfriNIC can win, and without huge scope creep and going into some
kinda commercial trading outside of IP addressing, other sources of revenue
are significantly limited.

Hence, as a paying resource member, I for one have ZERO problem with a
fairly dramatic rise in the fees.  Both to build reserve and to fund the
very things the community is asking for.

That’s my opinion **as a resource member**


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+1 Aude.

I may also add that I do not see how Randy's comment relates to Diana's
suggestion. Indeed raising the fees might be beneficial to Afrinic (The
organization needs money to run after all). However this could be a barrier
for potential new members and we do want new members.

Best Regards

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> I think it will be very good if the membership maintenance price be
> lowered.  Please let the board look into this.

i strongly agree.  afrninc should pay us to take address space from
them.  this would make my business a bit easier.


Hi Community,

I don't think SARCASM is good for us new ones on the mailing list. We are
here to follow and learn even if our opinion may not count.

Please allow us to also share our voice.



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