[Community-Discuss] Resolution 201604.274 about Set-Up fees

Keshwarsingh Nadan kn at millenium.net.mu
Tue Jun 28 16:12:45 UTC 2016

Dear Chair,

1. The Board has always been responsible for setting the fees. "Review" includes the right to change the fees.

Agree on this one.

2. The problem being addressed is that every allocation or assignment event requires effort from staff, and it is not fair for that effort to sometimes be undertaken free of charge.

The staff has always been and is presently remunerated for that effort, so how come that remunerated effort is sometimes undertaken free of charge ? Underpaid staff ?

3. AFRINIC requires more revenue, not less.

Why does AFRINIC requires more revenue ? For what purpose ?

4. If the proposed charging scheme had been in place during 2015, then income from allocation and assignment fees would have been about USD 550k.  Actual income from allocation and assignment fees in 2015 was about USD 350k. Therefore, the clarification that allocation or assignment fees are once per allocation or assignment, not once per member, is expected to raise about USD 200k per year.

Motive behind an expected US $200k/yr?

5. Since it is being introduced in the middle of 2016, the impact on the 2016 revenue is expected to be an additional USD 100k.

Motive behind an expected additional US $100k for 2016?


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