[Community-Discuss] Accountability assessment

Alan Barrett alan.barrett at afrinic.net
Fri Jun 17 09:51:31 UTC 2016

> On 17 Jun 2016, at 13:21, Honest Ornella GANKPA <honest1989 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Mr Alan,
> I have a question: I heard the term bottom up a lot during the last AIS. So it occured to me that Afrinic is driven by the community wich decides , via consensus, on policies and such. This is such a refresher from real life and politicians who enforce their rules on us...
> Then I'm wondering : is this the same for bylaws then? Community draft policies and ask members for approval? Going by the same tangent (bottom up model) is it wise for the board to participate? As this could lead to unfortunate situations (like what I mentioned with real life politicians)

For number resource policies, anybody may draft a proposal, and it must reach rough consensus in the community before it is implemented.

For bylaws changes, any member may propose a change, and it must be approved by 75% vote by the members.

Board members are free to initiate policy proposals or bylaw chanegs, just like anybody else.  I would argue that proposing sensible changes is part of their job.

Alan Barrett

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