[Community-Discuss] [members-discuss] AFRINIC Board Statement, 5th June 2016

Karl U Stanzick karl at mtds.com
Thu Jun 9 11:16:11 UTC 2016

Hellooooooooo from Morocco!

>From here you all are looking pretty silly down there.  I don't really 
understand the whole story, just that some people must not be happy with 
the results of the last election and are resorting to the old race card to 
justify their positions.  Not very original or helpful.

In any case, please remember that you are representing Africa and we have 
enough issues to deal with and no need to create more.

Get back to work on the African Internet.

Ramadan Moubarak!
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On Thu, 9 Jun 2016, Omo Oaiya wrote:

>> On 9 Jun 2016, at 11:36, Randy Bush <randy at psg.com> wrote:
>>> I've read the mails of Saul Stein & Randy Bush.  Their statements were
>>> still carried on  an ambience that no longer fits the code of
>>> conduct quoted by the Chair
>> i suggest you cite the mails you believe were in violation.  you mean
>> messages such as the following?
> Perhaps, but Janvier does not need to cite.   My out of character outburst is a reaction to your sarcastic and often incitant comments on the list.
> The Chair has assured me that you have also been reprimanded in his e-mail to me this morning so I am happy that your several transgressions have also been addressed.
>> From: Randy Bush <randy at psg.com>
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>>> And to you. Please keep quiet and go get a life
>> nice.  i am impressed.
>> randy, who is sure he left a life around here somewhere
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