[Community-Discuss] AIS Botswana Appreciation/Lets work together

Sunday Folayan sfolayan at skannet.com
Sun Jun 12 06:19:06 UTC 2016

Dear AFRINIC Community,

I am now home, and I believe many of us are back to our respective 
homes. I wish all those who still are on their way, Journey mercies.

Please Join me to thank the people of Botswana and BOCRA, our wonderful 
hosts for their exceptional hospitality. I equally thank the Staff of 
AFRINIC, other AF* organizations, together with the many other 
volunteers who workd hard to give us a great summit. The exceptional 
conduct of our businesses at AIS-16, especially the Annual General 
Meeting of Members (AGMM) was only possible because of your cooperation 
and desire for a stronger AFRINIC.

As Africans, we pride ourselves at instructions (for the young), respect 
(for elders) and compassion (for all). We must now promote those 
virtues, and bring them to bear in our relationships within the AFRINIC 

We all expressed our wishes for a greater and stronger organization in 
diverse ways, but we must come to terms with the fact that Members have 
spoken clearly about what they want in the organization. For those 
elected, It is not the time to gloat but we must respect even the loud 
and pedantic voices and we must not ignore the still and quiet ones, if 
we must succeed. For those not elected, remain committed. The community 
never forgets good members!

As I take my seat among other Directors when another three-year term 
commences on the 1st of July 2016, I shall be guided by the very many 
lessons of Gaborone. I invite you all to find that niche where we each 
can add value, as we focus on the future. Whether it is on-line or 
off-line, let us continue to contribute our quota to enable AFRINIC 
fulfill its mission. We owe it to the coming generation.

Kind Regards ...

Sunday Folayan.
Chair, AFRINIC Board

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