[Community-Discuss] Another BOD Governance Issue

Alan Barrett alan.barrett at afrinic.net
Mon Aug 1 18:10:25 UTC 2016

Hi Serge,

> On 22 Jul 2016, at 15:15, sergekbk <sergekbk at gmail.com> wrote:
> The point is with BOD proceeding.
> We can notice some inconstencies in conflict of Interest management.
> Sunday, Haitham and Aminata are in the slate of candidates.
> 1. Sunday  can chair the session while Haitham  can't because of conflict of interest when Sunday lost connectivity.
> This seems a Bylaws (section 19.1)breach as Haitham (Vice Chair) is present but the chaimanship is given to Kris.
> 2.Sunday and Haitham abstained to vote to approve the nominations while Aminata did not.

To clarify the issues around the minutes of the Board meeting of 11 May 2016:

1. Haitham el Nakhal requested not to chair any part of the meeting because his audio quality was poor.

2. Aminata Garba was disconnected from the meeting due to technical difficulties, before the nominations were discussed.  She neither voted not recused herself, because she was not present at the time.

In both cases, I believe that it was a mistake for the minutes to omit those facts.

Alan Barrett

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