[Community-Discuss] Incorrect Public Listing of Members' Standing

Dewole Dewole
Mon Nov 23 15:08:32 UTC 2015

A few minutes ago, I was looking at 
http://www.afrinic.net/en/about-us/our-members and was shocked to find 
so many "reputable" organizations labelled "Not in good standing".

After snickering at a lot of the big names, I scrolled down to find that 
my organization which has *never* fallen behind on AfriNIC membership 
payments is classified as "Not in good standing".

Could the responsible persons within AfriNIC please urgently update the 
displayed status of members? If the list cannot be kept up to date, the 
status should be removed rather than embarrassing members that are in 
fact committed to AfriNIC's sustenance. I'm posting this to the 
community list to remind those that need to pay up that the world sees 
them as well as to let members in good standing know that they world 
might also be seeing them in a bad light.

Thank you.

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