[Community-Discuss] [members-discuss] AFRINIC Update 23rd November 2015

Dewole Dewole
Mon Nov 23 14:52:33 UTC 2015

In the interest of the primary business of developing/managing Africa's 
Internet Protocol resources and all else outlined at 
http://www.afrinic.net/en/about-us/origins , may I suggest that all 
(regardless of whatever privileged information we may possess) of us set 
aside any previously exhibited tendencies of individuals/groups and move 

We need to figure out some way to nurture a transparent atmosphere where 
deliverables are set (and met) based on their importance to the core 
objectives of AfriNIC. If it becomes necessary to call people out 
repeatedly (however subtly it may be done) for whatever reasons, 
relationships could become strained and then focus is in danger of being 
lost. When the challenges (if any) are clear to all, we can together 
figure out ways to sort things out faster.

 From time to time, we might need to remind ourselves just what the 
objectives are and reset our compasses accordingly.


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