[Community-Discuss] [members-discuss] AFRINIC Update 23rd November 2015

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon Nov 23 16:10:49 UTC 2015

>> but, as one of the folk who helped get into the current hole,
> Another valid purely subjective view.

yep.  on your watch.  the buck stops.

> Just like many others I have a vested interest in the good of the
> community and will try my best.

we all think we are acting in the best interests of the community.  and
yet it is possible to disagree.  welcome to the world of funny monkeys.

>> i am not sure niggling about micro-timing of reports is attacking the
>> roots of the problem. 
> On the contrary it is the root of the problem.

this is beyond nit picking and borders on anal compulsive.

>> otoh, i do look forward to a thorough audit, governance committee,
>> etc.
> We all do.  I hope your patience has the resilience needed for the
> current modus operandus.

i work with enough community infrastructure organizations to have
learned far more patience than i or my friends thought was possible.  i
am sitting at a desk in the ripe/ncc eurocracy (been visiting a lot to
do research with the gang).  the layers of bureaucracy and decision
making would boggle your mind.

giving all the sniping, back stabbing, and back-seat driving on this
list, if i was on the board/exec i would be extremely careful and
cautious with what i published.  this takes time but saves time in the
long run.


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