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+1 to Illunga

So, Without trust we'll live in the mistrust. This is not good for the
community, M. Chair.

Make sure that you respect your commitements and all actions refers to legal








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Hello Chair,


I think that the trust we need towards the BOD is critical for our community
based organization.

Vague promises don't help to built and sustain the required trust.

I agree that 80 pages is a lot and I can understand the time taken to
compile the document if it was in case of work requiring some deep

Is it the case?


Kind Regards.





Ilunga, Serge, Vodacom DRC

Transmission Optimization Manager





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Hello all, especially Sunday,


for a long time i was meaning to write a very positive email.


I very clearly had and have the impression that a lot has changed for the
better in terms of transparency and accountability of the various functions
and bodies of AfriNIC.


Many people are still having demands for improvement. That's good and I


But I want to note that in my opinion the improvement already achieved is
really remarkable and I would like to thank you, Sunday, the whole board and
anyone else involved for that. I'm sure many appreciate it.

I surely do.


Now, like others, I have been looking forward for the publication of board
minutes/resolutions for some time, and checked the website without result.


[ I have to admit in this my case I don't care much about minutes vs.

resolution because i want a date of a meeting in August where a certain
policy was ratified ;-) ]


On 12/17/2015 7:28 PM, Sunday Folayan wrote:


> For minutes from January 2015, those will be published after the 

> Board's meeting near the end of January 2016.


So this is the thing that prompted me to respond.

This is redefining "latency".

This is not inter-planetary latency, that's inter-stellar latency.


I get your point that minutes of a meeting run to 80 pages, and that's
creating significant burden.

I hope not every meeting was that long.


I feel it's been along time since anything new on the resolutions-or-minutes
front has surfaced.

I trust I'm not the only one that gets the impression that some people are
getting impatient (you must have noticed ;-) ).


I am wondering whether we are waiting for a big bulk of documents to get
ready? Or can we instead publish the parts that are ready to be published?

[I guess the total amount of argum^Wdiscussion will be the same anyway]


Also - this is more to staff - I think this deserves a well-documented and
linked and navigable place on the website.


I do not want to increase the stress at this time of year when many
celebrate holidays and as per Alan many are on leave (or will be).

Apologies if that happens.


Still, I want to hope that the Jan 2015 to Jan 2016 latency remains an
exception. And that improvement continues.



Frank Habicht




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