[afrinic-anti-spam-discuss] step0

Alain Patrick AINA aalain at trstech.net
Mon Jun 11 21:17:31 SAST 2007

> > A SIG needs a charter.
> No necessarily ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_Interest_Group

"In the computer field, a Special Interest Group is a community with a 
particular interest in a specific technical area. It is usually abbreviated 
SIG. Thus there are SIGs for computing architecture, graphics, security, and 
so forth.

 Members of an SIG cooperate to effect or to produce solutions within their 
particular area, and often meet regularly particularly during computing 

how do you achieve SIGs goals ? how  do you measure achievements ?  how do you 
dissolve  a SIG ?

In RIR context,  you can see APNIC new SIG guideline at 


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