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Dear Colleagues,

For a while now, our Member Services team has been collecting questions from our resource members on our services support. We have narrowed these down to Seven Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and provided responses to these queries giving tips on how to resolve your resource related queries efficiently.

We explore these FAQs and give tips on how you can get a quick resolution.
How to become an AFRINIC Member?
What are my login details for the MyAFRINIC portal?
Why am I getting authorization errors when creating objects on the AFRINIC WHOIS database?
What is a Route object, and how to create it?
How to create and add RPKI ROAs?
Why does this website show incorrect location details of my IP resources?
Does AFRINIC accept part payment of membership fees?

Read an article about the  frequently asked questions on AFRINIC Services Support at: https://www.afrinic.net/20221011-ms-faq <https://www.afrinic.net/20221011-ms-faq> 

We wish you a pleasant read.

Kind Regards,

AFRINIC Member Services Team
www.afrinic.net <http://www.afrinic.net/>
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