[AFRINIC-announce] Successful Conclusion of AfriNIC Training Workshop in Kampala - Uganda

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Hello Simon,

On Nov 21, 2012, at 3:48 PM, Simon Vass <svass at etech.ug> wrote:

> Am interested in how we can continue some more IPV6 training, would some of the members taught now be in a position to lead a class themselves? ToT style?

Certainly! we welcome and encourage such initiatives. The key to effectiveness here is an effective technical community within each country. Some of the participants can get together, review the material (our trainers will help them in this process) and then organise a basic workshop that AFRINIC would support with material, lab manuals , participant registration and access to remote labs.

> Do you have any numbers on how many applied but could not make it on the course due to number limitations?

The limitation is not only limitation of numbers. Each module has pre-requisites in terms of prior knowledge and the registration forms tries to get that information. Of course, ultimately, in order to keep class sizes manageable , we put a limit to how many participants can take part in each course 


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