[AfriNIC-announce] Africa’s vigorous growth in the IPv6 world

Babusha Radhakissoon babusha at afrinic.net
Mon Mar 19 16:19:22 SAST 2012

*Africa’s vigorous growth in the IPv6 world*
*“AfriNIC’s campaign pays off”*

19^th March 2012 - This year Africa steps up within the African networks
with a 12% IPv6 penetration compared to the average worldwide of 13.9 %,
setting 2012 as a positive milestone in today’s Internet.

AfriNIC (the African Network Information Centre) in line with its vision
of “spearheading Internet technology in the African region” has been
encouraging the African Internet Community and its stakeholders to
embrace the new protocol IPv6 as the IANA pool of IPv4 on which internet
is running is depleted. As per AfriNIC’s estimation Africa will run out
of the IPv4 addresses around 2013/2014 and it is vital for Africa to
build a stable Internet Infrastructure for the future.

Through AfriNIC’s awareness campaign the African Internet Community and
stakeholders are sensitized that IPv6 is no longer an optional upgrade
as is it critical for business sustainability and economical
development. It is also clear with the rapid growth of Internet pushed
by the 3G technologies and the recent development in the fibber industry
that we in Africa will catalyze the depletion of IPv4.

In line with our capacity-building strategy AfriNIC has conducted more
than 100 trainings all over the region and has-set up infrastructures
such as the AfriNIC’s IPv6 virtual lab to support countries in the
deployment of IPv6. This year AfriNIC will also launch its African IPv6
Task Force to set the official road map of IPv6 deployment over the

“We are witnessing a very fast track change where the information
technology is deeply affecting the way we live. We have a unique
opportunity in Africa to embrace this change and become a key player.
Governments and Mobile operators have to respond, we need to act quickly
and be IPv6 ready, that’s where the business and the progress is.”
states Adiel A. Akplogan, the CEO of AfriNIC.

Please visit our website www.afrinic.net <http://www.afrinic.net>to see
more on AfriNIC’s commitment to IPv6.

Note: *IPv6 penetration is measured by the number of networks (IPv4
visible AS: Autonomous system) on the Internet that are also announcing
an IPv6 prefixe. Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are critical resources
that allows devices to communicate between them over internet. IPv4 the
resources on which internet has been running for more than 30 years is
exhausting and Africa has to plan and adopt the new protocol IPv6 to
ensure the smoothrunning of its Internet on the global scene.

Babusha Radhakissoon

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