[AfriNIC-announce] Slight Change in Dates: AfGWG - LE Event 25-26 Jan 2010

Lillian O. Sharpley lillian at afrinic.net
Sun Dec 6 14:52:21 SAST 2009

Dear Colleagues,

Please be advised the the AfGWG - Law Enforcement Event has been changed from
26-27 Jan 2010 to 25-26 Jan 2010. This change was made to avoid a direct
conflict with another industry related event taking place in our region the same

Also, as capacity is limited, only government agencies responsible for Law
Enforcement and Cyber Crime/Security are invited to attend the AfGWG Law
Enforcement event. 

To request your letter of invitation or for additional information, please
contact meeting[at]afrinic.net.

Thank you for your understanding.


Lillian Sharpley
Communications Area Manager
(230) 466 6616

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Subject: AfGWG - Law Enforcement Event 26-27 Jan 2010

Dear Colleagues,

AfriNIC cordially invites you to attend the First AfriNIC - Government Working
Group (AfGWG) Roundtable Meeting to be held in Cyber City, Mauritius, 26 – 27
January 2010, at the Sheraton Hotel.

The purpose of the AfGWG to establish a collaborative platform for governments,
regulators, and AfriNIC to address issues related to the governance and
operations that may impact a safe and secure Internet.

The first AfGWG two-day meeting is targeted specifically at Law Enforcement
Agencies to allow them an opportunity to:

• Hear about the latest Internet related crimes;
• Hear how organisations, including the USDOJ (United States Department of
Justice) is addressing those issues;
• Discuss related challenges in your respective countries and efforts to combat
such challenges; 
• Exchange ideas about the formation of a Working Group for global cooperation
and coordination;
• Gain a better understanding about Internet Governance as it relates to Cyber
Crime and Security issues;
• Understand the role of AfriNIC and its activities to maintain security and
stability of the Internet; and,
• Learn how government agencies can participate in the policy development
process to ensure their voices are heard regarding Internet protection issues.

If you have questions about this event, please direct them to meetings at afrinic.net

We look forward to your participation and collaboration.

Lillian Sharpley
Communications Area Manager
(230) 466 6616
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