[AfriNIC-announce] New Naming Scheme for Filenames of AfriNIC Policy Documents

Mukom Akong TAMON tamon at afrinic.net
Thu Nov 12 12:11:30 SAST 2009

Dear Colleagues,
  AfriNIC would like to inform you of a change in the format used to 
name (filenames only) policy documents on its website. The new naming
scheme makes it easier to tell what a document is about and gives it 
context before it is opened.

The new approved format for naming all policy documents on AfriNIC 
websites is as follows.


- AFPUB  is the approved prefix according to AfriNIC document numbering 
- YYYY is the year in long format e.g. 2009
- category is the Category code - refers to what category this policy 
addresses e.g. v4=IPv4, v6-IPv6, DNS=all DNS related, GEN=general and 
all other, ASN=AS Numbers
- number is the Serial number within that year starting from 001.

As an example, AFPUB-2009-v6-002 is the second policy within 2009 
relating to IPv6. As a further example, the existing IPv6 allocation 
policy whose filename is afpol-v6200407-000 will now become 
All links to old names will automatically be redirected to the 
corresponding new documents, thus users of our website will not be 
affected in any way.

The policy proposals with the naming system can be accessed at 

We intend to make these changes public by the 15th November 2009. If you 
have any questions regarding this change, please direct them to 
contact at afrinic.net
Thank You.

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