[AfriNIC-announce] ASO Call for Comments on Nominees for ICANN Board Seat

Adiel A. Akplogan adiel at afrinic.net
Wed Mar 11 11:45:08 SAST 2009

Dear Colleagues,

Following a public nomination period that closed on 22 February 2009,
the ASO Address Council (ASO AC) selected the final set of candidates
to fill the ASO seat on the ICANN Board. This seat is currently held
by Dave Wodelet, whose term expires in May 2009.

The candidates are:

- Barry Shein
- Jody Daniel Newman
- Jordi Palet Martinez
- Rajesh Chharia
- Ray Plzak
- Suzanne Woolf

The candidates listed above agree to serve in an ASO seat on the ICANN
Board of Directors if selected by the ASO Address Council. In April  
the ASO AC will make its final selection  to appoint one of these
candidate to fill the ASO seat on the ICANN board.

To help them in making their final selection, the ASO AC members request
public comments and statements of support for the candidates. The public
comment period will remain open until 23:59 (UTC) on 9 April 2009.

You can provide your comments and statements of support for the  
on the aso-announce mailing list which will be publicly archived at:


Alternatively, if you would prefer not to subscribe to that mailing  
you may submit your comments directly to the ASO AC Nominations  
by sending an email to <nom-com at aso.icann.org>.

A digest of all comments sent to the mailing list or received by the
Nominations Committee will be published on the ASO web site at:


Kind regards,

Adiel A. Akplogan
Chief Executive Officer
AfriNIC, www.afrinic.net

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