[AfrIPv6-Discuss] Reserve Your Spot for "Create & Implement the Perfect IPv6 Address Plan" Webinar | 19th Sept

Bashir bashir.angode at afrinic.net
Tue Sep 18 12:45:35 UTC 2018

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And here's what is in store for you tomorrow 19th September.

Imagine this: The project manager of your company's IPv6 deployment 
project has assigned the following task to you.

1. Find out exactly how much IPv6 space we need for our network
2. Get that space from AFRINIC
3. Create a detailed IPv6 Addressing Plan that we'll use in deployment

Your mind flashes back to your CCNA days and the sweat-inducing binary 
mathematics required to subnet and variable length subnetting. The 
thought of having to do that for IPv6 fills makes you break out in a 
cold sweat.

You know there's hundreds of blogs out there and a couple of RFCs that 
seem to give conflicting recommendations about what prefix lengths to 
use where. You remember hearing some IPv6 guru saying that you'll get 
your IPv6 address plan wrong and redo it at least 3 times.

You are about to have a very bad couple of days!!

Worry not, by popular demand (66% of those who responded to our webinar 
survey last week) requested help with exactly this task as their #1 
challenge.  And we're happy to oblige

�� Webinar: "Create & Implement the Perfect IPv6 Address Plan

�� 19th September 2018

⏱ 17:00 GST (Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar)
         -  13:00 UTC  (Ghana, Cote D'Ivoire)
         -  14:00  WAT (Nigeria, Cameroon)
         -  16:00 EAT (Kenya, Uganda)

�� Confirm spot: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_n4--DQ-ZQfKe6xH9uHCF8g

By the end of this 2 hour webinar, you will be hero and delivered the 
perfect IPv6 address plan for your deployment team,

- without migraine-inducing math
- consistent with best current operational practice
- ready to roll in an IP Address Management System (IPAM)

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Warm regards

AFRINIC Training Team

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