[AfrIPv6-Discuss] DNS zone file for your v6 prefix

Willy MANGA willy.manga at auf.org
Wed Jan 25 14:39:07 UTC 2017

Hi Mark,

thanks for your reply.

I'll adopt options 2 and 3 :)

Le 25/01/2017 à 09:25, Mark Elkins a écrit :
> For Forward/Reverse generation, there are a number of alternatives.
> 1 - In a Hosting environment, I allow the owner of machines to manage,
> via a web site, their static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. These are fixed
> machines, dynamic IPv6 is switched off and the IPv6 address has a
> numerical relationship with the IPv4 address.
> If the IPv4 address is, then the IPv6 address looks like
> 2001:42a0:1:208::65
> i.e. the four quad equates to the third IPv4 octet (the "network") and
> the last parts of the v4 and v6 address also match.
> The Reverse is automatically kept up to date for the web managed Database.
> Works fine for all static machines, Mail, Web DNS, DB servers and printers.
> 2 - Where there are other fixed machines, I use the same addressing
> principals, obviously creating zone files by hand. This includes
> dynamically allocated fixed IP addresses, ie, when I bring my Laptop to
> the office, it always gets the same IP addresses via DHCP with a fixed
> relationship between the MAC address and the IP address.
> 3 - for completely dynamic machines - I don't bother doing anything. 
> Generally, as long as you sort out the Mail, Web DNS, DB servers and
> printers (and networking infrastructure) of the world, you are probably OK.
> On 24/01/2017 21:41, Willy MANGA wrote:
>> Hello ,
>> I'm just trying to figure out what could be the best practices in order
>> to create DNS zone file for v6 hosts (forward and reverse) ?
>> For the moment I just insert in my zone file little range that i'm using
>> for known hosts. But it doesn't cover temporary addresses .
>> Was thinking of a way to generate «answers on the fly » but I don't know
>> if there's already a solution like that ...
>> Any advices, recommandations ? :)
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