[afripv6-discuss] Re: [rpd] LACNIC reaches final /10 of IPv4 space

Nishal Goburdhan ndg at ieee.org
Fri Jun 13 10:27:15 SAST 2014

On 13 Jun 2014, at 9:49 AM, Mark Tinka <mark.tinka at seacom.mu> wrote:
> On Friday, June 13, 2014 12:23:18 AM Nishal Goburdhan wrote:
>> great.  for those of use that don't believe that the Web
>> is the Internet, how about "fixing" your MX records as
>> well? after all, it's just     " ... Ethernet ports. The
>> OS's that run on them support both v4 and v6 protocols.
>> The applications aka Content seats at layer above 2 and
>> 3.... Content providers choose to only enable a single
>> protocol across the wire, IPv4 and ignore the other
>> sweet one IPv6. "
>> right?  ;-)
> Nishal, SEACOM's e-mail provider does not support IPv6 
> (yet). We're working on a fix for some other e-mail issues 
> that will see IPv6 being available for seacom.mu's MX 
> records as well.

hi mark,
you've mentioned this to me before - which is why i used SEACOM.  (i assumed you wouldn't mind)   :-)

the the tongue-in-cheek comment that i was making to noah is that it is *not* just about plugging in, and it all "Just Works".
there's still an incredible amount of work to be done to get folks to think about this (IPv6) as something that they should do/replicate, as and when, they do something in IPv4.  give it whatever name you'd like, but this "content" creation process is not ubiquitous, and, until it is, there is still a need to address that.  

some have shown that there has been very nice growth in IPv6 content already.  so the natural question to me would be: 
"what's needed to get the mail admin (not just yours :-)), or the DNS admin, or ... $whomever, to understand that, they should be replicating their services?"

1/5 of the "big" ISPs in my home country has a www AAAA record.
1/5 has 1/3 AAAA records for their NS-set.

sorry noah.  the numbers speak for themselves...

<cue mukom for his IPv6 for sysadmins presentation>


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