[afripv6-discuss] Community involvement (was: AF6TF report for 2012)

Mukom Akong T. mukom.tamon at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 04:55:10 SAST 2013

On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 10:15 PM, SM <sm at resistor.net> wrote:
> The persons who express the view I mentioned previously do so in private and
> are influential.

That 'they' are influential is no way gives credence to to
ill-conceived conclusions. In my book anyone who sees a problem and
cannot offer some kind of solution (or attempt at one) but goes
whining about it isn't being part of the solution - they are
naysayers. I'd even respect that opinion "The Internet is not relevant
in Africa" if there was an intelligent analysis to support it. The
question I have to ask you is ... what is your point in sharing such
'privately' shared opinions with the list, because I am trying hard to
see how that is either constructive criticism or an attempt at a

> What is discouraging is that nothing seems to be happening
> (re. your comment above).

'Seems' is the keyword. Like I said, there are no simple solutions to
complex problems. If anyone has the 'How to Turn on IPv6 Overnight in
Africa in 5 Easy Steps' - I'll like to be their student.

> I could comment about IPv6 training but it will be ill-perceived.

[AFRINIC Training hat on] Unless you ill-conceived it, why  do u think
it will be ill-perceived. Every single IPv6 training is evaluated by
those who attend it and we've received LOTs of comments (Excellent,
Good , Bad and Ugly). Systematically addressing those comments is how
we make it better. So as a member of the community if you have ideas
on how we could make the training better, please share them with the
training at afrinic.net ... or if you find this to be the appropriate
medium, please do so here. And you will get an official response if
one is required from the training department.

> Contributions usually do not happen without community involvement.  In some
> communities  one-way sharing is called leeching.  It "occurs when someone
> wants to profit from the activities of others without making a fair
> contribution of one's own" [1].

Which be definition is what EVERY single person starting to learn
something does. Before I ever created a course, or wrote a blog or
anything, I spent (still spend) lots of years just 'profiting' from
everyone else's work without making any fair contribution of my own.
Do you know of anyone who did not leech at some point in their career?


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