[afripv6-discuss] Community involvement (was: AF6TF report for 2012)

SM sm at resistor.net
Wed Mar 20 20:15:38 SAST 2013

Hi Mukom,
At 01:57 20-03-2013, Mukom Akong T. wrote:
>Bingo! ... take that sentiment expressed in your last phrase, repeat
>for maybe 90% of those in the community and you could start to get an
>idea for why nothing seems to be happening.


>By the way ... you find the status quo disturbing but and won't you
>make a contribution to change it as a member of the community (one I
>might add that is quite influential?) :-)

I am simply part of the community; I don't think I am influential or 
anything else.

The persons who express the view I mentioned previously do so in 
private and are influential.  What is discouraging is that nothing 
seems to be happening (re. your comment above).

I don't find the status quo disturbing as it is, in my humble 
opinion, reality.  I could comment about IPv6 training but it will be 
ill-perceived.  You may have noticed that I did not volunteer for 
AF6TF last year.  The reason is in the report which Hisham posted to 
the mailing list.

Contributions usually do not happen without community 
involvement.  In some communities  one-way sharing is called 
leeching.  It "occurs when someone wants to profit from the 
activities of others without making a fair contribution of one's own" [1].


1. Please note that I am not implying that you did that. 

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