[afripv6-discuss] Community involvement (was: AF6TF report for 2012)

Mukom Akong T. mukom.tamon at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 10:57:29 SAST 2013

On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 12:01 PM, SM <sm at resistor.net> wrote:

>> And so I'd like to ask you --- what do you suggest as an effective
>> strategy to 'change the status quo'?
> It is not my job to change the status quo or to develop strategies. :-)

Bingo! ... take that sentiment expressed in your last phrase, repeat
for maybe 90% of those in the community and you could start to get an
idea for why nothing seems to be happening.

By the way ... you find the status quo disturbing but and won't you
make a contribution to change it as a member of the community (one I
might add that is quite influential?) :-)

Don't get me wrong, pointing out what is missing and keeping people on
their toes (what you do) is really great and as a community we are
better for it.


Mukom Akong T.

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