[afripv6-discuss] AF6TF report for 2012

Hisham hisham at afrinic.net
Tue Mar 19 05:34:14 SAST 2013

> Thanks for the report.
> There were about 10 persons who commented on the African IPv6 Task Force last year.  It looks like the community driven initiatives did not produce any results.


I would not say that the AF6TF has not produced any results, because for those that participated in any of the activities listed, be it AFOPs or the webinars, there were obvious benefits, especially for those still entering into the IPv6 world, and that was obvious by the loyalty seen from the attendees.

However there was not as much involvement from the leading IPv6 community members, at least not as much as was hoped initially, the secretariat identified some areas where it needs to enhance its work, such as key messaging and communications.

A plan to update the IPv6 related pages and web sites has been put into action, to give these initiatives more visibility.

However what I really hope to get feedback on is how get more community involvement from all levels of IPv6 knowledge in these activities.

To list a few off the top of my head is:
- Identifying key topics and speakers for initiatives like the webinars and AFOPs.
- getting more participation on the different FGs
- knowledge sharing in the region.

AF6TF secretariat  
> Regards,
> -sm 

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