[afripv6-discuss] Google suddenly coming over v4?!

Nishal Goburdhan ndg at ieee.org
Thu Mar 7 12:47:20 SAST 2013

On 07 Mar 2013, at 12:32 PM, "Andrew Alston" <alston.networks at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Just wanted to say to everyone who supplied me contact details many thanks.
> We're working on the issue with Google now along with various other
> providers to sort out the issues, which it turns out were due to routing and
> latency issues on the v6 side and some other fairly complex bits and pieces.
> My thanks to the Google guys who have been responsive as well, and now that
> we've fully identified all the issues involved, hopefully we can get this
> resolved fairly quickly and be back doing lots of nice v6 traffic!

hi andrew, 

what would make this useful, is if you could point folks here to, say, the most appropriate reporting process to get this kind of information to the right people, as quickly and easily as possible.  generally, i use contacts from peeringdb, but if your experience has provided an alternate - and better - mechanism, i'm sure folks here would love to hear about it.

well, *i* would.


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