[afripv6-discuss] What have you done for IPv6 lately, since the 1st of January, 2013?

Latif LADID ("The New Internet based on IPv6") latif at ladid.lu
Wed Feb 20 19:31:52 SAST 2013

I do receive a lot of requests from African engineers enquiring about how to
connect using a tunnel. 

I would recommend that a tunnel server is installed somewhere in Africa
(Afrinic or University of Free State) sponsored 
by one of our known friends or even in each country to scare the main
telecom operator when you reach 10,000 subscribers :-)

You need to have all chances on your side. Time will tell.


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On Wed 2013-02-20 (13:59), Latif LADID ("The New Internet based on IPv6")
> You don't need native to use v6 at this stage as a v6 tunnel offers 
> exactly the same service at least for testing purposes. Hurricane, 
> gogo6 (or gondle)

Joe Public DSL user isn't interested in configuring a tunnel of their own or
testing anything.  They simply want to be able to update Facebook.

So yes, tunnelling works.  I do it.  Nishal does it.  Many other geeks like
us do it.  Until ISPs do it as a matter of course on consumer CPE, it's
really not going to help with the wholesale adoption of v6 at the edge :(

- Guy
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