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On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 4:59 PM, Latif LADID ("The New Internet based
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> But It took major
> political decisions at ISP board level and government as shareholder.

Bingo!!! .... and that (executive apathy) is often a reason cited by
network engineers when Nishal and I repeatedly asked participants we
knew had attended an IPv6 training "So why haven't you initiated an
IPv6 deployment?" or "now that you've attended this training, what is
stopping you?". There were some really interesting reasons but
"management doesn't care/get it" was at the top of that list in more
than 5 countries where we asked. That is the genesis of why the "IPv6
Strategy & Planning" aka IPv6 for Managers" course.

One thing I've noticed is this: Just as most executives didn't seem to
'get it', most engineers really haven't gotten how to 'sell IPv6'
upwards. I'll be posting a blog post on techxcellence.net on some
ideas on how to do this effectively. Essentially the post will provide
guidance to a network engineer to research and create a presentation
for the executives that addresses the following:

- Set the strategic context: How your organization derives value from
IP networks and the Internet
- Overview of the problem: IPv4 Exhaustion
- Implications of IPv4 Exhaustion to your business
- Introduction of IPv6 as a solution to IPv4 Exhaustion
- Why we should care about IPv6
- Understanding the risks involved (added thanks to Andrews recent post )
- Call to action: Next Steps

All of these things which may be blindingly obvious for geeks but
could be seen by executives as just 'another fascination with a cool
new technology'

Of course, a separate perspective is the role of regulation .... I'll
save that for another post.


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