[afripv6-discuss] What have you done for IPv6 lately, since the 1st of January, 2013?

Guy Antony Halse G.halse at ru.ac.za
Tue Feb 19 15:50:43 SAST 2013

On Tue 2013-02-19 (08:22), Carlos M. martinez wrote:
> I fret when I read "no customer is asking for it" because no customer
> will ask for IPv6 _ever_. Just as no one here or in the Internet ever
> asked for IPv4.

So I am the customer who *did* ask my home DSL provider for IPv6.  For the
very reasons expressed above I know I'm in the minority, which is precisely
why I made a point of asking on behalf of those who don't know they need it.

The answer I got was "we don't support IPv6 at the moment".  I asked if they
had a timeframe for deployment, so I'd know when to ask again.  The answer:
"we have no plans to support IPv6".

Unfortunately I think this is very common.  There's a catch22 here...

- Guy
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