[afripv6-discuss] What are the benefits of IPv6 over IPv4

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Mon Jun 4 09:04:10 SAST 2012

On Sunday, June 03, 2012 07:44:48 PM Kondwani C. Hara wrote:

> That's a big bug ipv6 has.

Well, then you can say that it's a big bug IPv4 has too.

NAT66 is present, just as there is NAT44, and it's 
implemented on decent firewalls and the Linux kernel.

That said, one should not think of NAT as being a security 
layer. That was an unintended side effect, and might have 
been useful when attacks were purely network-based.

These days, attacks come from e-mail phishing, web scripting 
vulnerabilities that exploit your browsers, e.t.c. No amount 
of NAT will protect you from that, and yet it's now the 

Moreover, just because you're protecting 1,000 machines from 
the big bad outside world with NAT, doesn't mean you're 
immune from attacks within your own corporate LAN. Most 
times, it's the ones on the inside that will really get you.

The network that deploys public IP addresses to the LAN and 
has a decent firewall at the edge is in a much better 
position than one which relies on NAT.

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