[afripv6-discuss] What are the benefits of IPv6 over IPv4

Kondwani C. Hara kondwa at m-hi.org
Sun Jun 3 18:52:38 SAST 2012

I believe by design, ipv4 was never supposed to exhaust. But as a marketing
extra, even ipv6 address space will prove too little. Not every individual
requires a public ip. But if every device will require a public ip, then
per individual it should be expected several devices. I wonder how many
ipv6 ip address are implementable? If there is an upper bound, the
seemingly huge number will exhaust.

Unless we come back to the original design of ipv4 we will find that we
would still encounter the same problem. We will also find that ipv4 was
never supposed to exhaust in the first place.
On 3 Jun 2012 14:09, "Mark Tinka" <mark.tinka at seacom.mu> wrote:

> On Sunday, June 03, 2012 11:11:39 AM Mark Elkins wrote:
> > At the end of the day - every ISP type service charges
> > for the IP addresses that they 'rent' from their
> > Upstream or RIR. They are all businesses.
> Mark, do you mean as a hidden cost or explicitly?
> Not all ISP's charge their customers for space. But yes,
> some do.
> The operations I've run assign a minimum default for every
> new turn-up. If customers want additional space for their
> expansion, they only need to justify that to us (not as easy
> as I'm making it sound), and if they could, we'd assign more
> to them. Justification for additional space was always in
> line with the policies enforced by the RIR in the respective
> region I worked; which is fair.
> Charging for IPv4 address space isn't terribly useful, as
> that's a dying resource you can't base any sustainable model
> on.
> I know Product & Marketing folks like to charge for IPv4
> addresses as a deterrence to exhaustion, but I always tell
> them that if a customer is desperate, they'll pay anything
> to get it.
> Add to that, the Sales are happy making IPv4 addresses an
> item line because they make more on commissions.
> So the combination of S&M, in this case, is a recipe for
> disaster that needs checking.
> But as a basic means of revenue when offering a service,
> I'll submit it (selling IPv4 space) leaves a foul taste in
> my mouth. As for IPv6, that's just immoral, but that's my
> own opinion.
> Your network, your rules.
> Mark.
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