[afripv6-discuss] What are the benefits of IPv6 over IPv4

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Thank you Noah, Jordi, and SM.

@SM, ICANN charges like $.30 for gTLDs, while the registry charges around $6.

@Noah, the customer is ignorant. He doesn't know what to pay for and
what not to.

With the argument you guys are fronting, then it does not make sense
to sell domains. Domains, IPs, and AS all fall under the same
category. Especially domains which are virtually infinite. But some of
us have mad a fortune selling them.

And this is how America bacame a super power, by amassing wealth
selling nothing to humanity. I woun't be surprised to find out they
sell Transport layer port numbers.


On 02/06/2012, maina.noah at ipv6.or.tz <maina.noah at ipv6.or.tz> wrote:
>> Hi Kivuva,
>> At 06:23 02-06-2012, Kivuva wrote:
>>>If LIR incur costs to get allocated resources by RIR, why cant they
>>>somehow try to recover their expenses by selling the resources?
>> There isn't any prohibition on LIRs charging for the resources.
>> Let's assume that the RIR is charging EUR 0.30 per IPv4
>> address.  Some LIRs charge up to EUR 60 per IPv4 address.  Is that
>> too much to charge to recover expenses?
> If i was a customer i would refuse and tell the LIR to go away with its
> services.
> As a customer i am interested in the end product which is the service. So
> charge me for say bandwidth, dns, web, email etc but dont charge me for
> the mechanism by which this resources are delivered to me, so to speak,
> the IP addresses that enable the service delivery.
>> Regards,
>> -sm
> ./noah

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