[afripv6-discuss] What are the benefits of IPv6 over IPv4

JORDI PALET MARTINEZ jordi.palet at consulintel.es
Fri Jun 1 20:09:35 SAST 2012

It make no sense to charge for the addresses, and it may be even contrary
to AfriNIC policies.

I will suggest the ISPs to look to this in an alternative way.

As more addresses (namely a /48) have each residential customer, easier to
develop, either by the ISP or third parties, new applications and
services, and this means more bandwidth demand, and even a small charge
for using some of those services, like remote surveillance, etc.

This is were the real business comes from.


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>> ISP's that charge extra for IPv6 will not survive. Even the
>> vendors, that used to charge extra for IPv6 licenses and
>> features, don't anymore.
>In 2008 in Rabat, we had a heated debate regarding ISP's that were
>charging their customers for v4 downstream address allocation?? Now
>learning that the same is going down the v6 path is quite disappointing.
>I mean, i think AfriNIC needs to do something about this even though as an
>RIR its not their mandate to hunt down such operators but i think its high
>time we had some policies that seriously discourage the sale of number
>resources, because i don't sincerely think the cost for LIR membership to
>utilize number resources for business is a justification for reaping
>customers off their $$$.
>Charging for v6 will seriously discourage its adoption at the grass-roots
>as it will encourage v4+NAT to save cost.
>> IP(v4 or v6) isn't the service. The service that runs on top
>> of IP(v4 or v6) is the service.
>Thus, we need to make the end-users/consumers aware of this through
>various local forums.
>>> The question is whether we should base our procurement
>>> requirements today on IPv4 only or pay that 10%
>>> difference, for example, for IPv6 support.
>In respect of IPv6 adoption and business continuity, i think paying 10%
>would be justifiable for any serious organization much aware of the
>dynamics in technology.
>> Mark.
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