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Hisham Ibrahim hisham at afrinic.net
Fri Feb 3 10:21:43 SAST 2012

Dear all,
Since we seem to be at an agreement on the main FGs that the TF will consist of can we take a final look at their mandates  

1) Policy and Government
This FG will assist governmental members and policy makers in defining and promoting a clear dated roadmap for the IPv6 implementation strategies on their large national networks and backbones.
This FG will also look into introducing IPv6 into the country through means such as education and services.

2) Core, Transit & Peering
This FG will assist network operators in planning and deploying IPv6 across their core networks and facilitating transit and peering relationships within the region.

3) Mobile, CPE & Access
This FG will assist in developing roadmaps for the deployment of IPv6 on the access layers of the network up to the CPE device or customer access device. 
This FG will also facilitate collaboration for standard based deployments of IPv6 transition mechanisms and integration to customers.

4) Web & Application
This FG will assist ccTLDs, host and content providers in promotion and diffusion of IPv6 capable services on their networks. 
This FG will also facilitate collaboration between academic and research organizations in the development of IPv6 tools, applications and devices. 
The FG will attempt to actively contribute to the international standards and specification bodies tasked with IPv6 matters.

Thoughts ???
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