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Hello Janvier, all

On 1/31/12 10:20 PM, Janvier NGNOULAYE wrote:

> It's true that AfriNIC sets a special training programme on V6. 
> I am asking myself how this training can be directly linked to this Task Force project, may be when there will be the needs of training, AfriNIC will be contacted to organize some workshops? 

Training is something that is going to be done (for various audiences at
various stages) in any process of IPv6 implementation. At AfriNIC, we
will continue to develop training resources to address these varied
needs (with trainings for executives, for engineers, for systems admins
etc )

Moreover, the content and resources we have for training shall be put
under the appropriate licences so that it could be re-used and improved
by the community at large. The objective will be to see various third
parties and others who may have attended our previous workshops take
this content, use it to organise local workshops, improve it and
contribute it back to the community. That's how we maintain a virtuous
cycle of learning.

>If it's so, AfriNIC should be aware of to satisfy  many requests for training in V6 and many requests for expertise in the nearest future.
> Or we can also think about building a pool of experts available to move from place to place to assist the implementation of the  transition  mechanism ?
> I just wanted to raise the issue of capacity building in V6 that we can meet on the way. 
> Are we going to  leave the question come from down  to up according to the needs of ones and another ?

Be assured that if/when the TF clearly identifies a training need that
is not currently covered, AfriNIC will in collaboration with the TF and
the community design modules to address such a need.

Warm regards.

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