[afripv6-discuss] The African IPv6 Task Force

Hisham Ibrahim hisham at afrinic.net
Sun Jan 29 16:08:09 SAST 2012

> Hisham, two other items that come to mind:
> 	o I think we should also have a team looking at CPE.
> 	  This is going to be very critical, especially in
> 	  broadband deployments (wired and wireless, copper
> 	  and fibre, consumer and enterprise, e.t.c.).
> 	  Without CPE that is cheap and easy to pick up that
> 	  someone can DIY and start running/testing IPv6, we
> 	  won't be able to feasibly deploy IPv6 into homes
> 	  and small businesses.
That is a very good point that was discussed at length, we finally divided that task among 2 of the Focus Groups
1) Transit and Peering FG
Due to the fact that the major ISPs and Transit providers to take part of this FG and hopefully come up with a common stand and use that as leverage 
2) Security and applications FG
Due to the fact that it will have people from the research and academic fields 
> 	o Not sure whether one of the groups you've already
> 	  created is looking at transition mechanisms
> 	  (although integration is probably a more
> 	  meaningful term). It would be nice to have some
> 	  folk working on what will happen when ISP's are
>  	  assigning only IPv4 addresses to customers, and
> 	  those customers need some way to be able to talk
> 	  to the legacy IPv4 Internet without much or any
> 	  drama.
Also a very valid point that will be dealt with through the Transit and Peering FG
> This is not another item, but if one of the existing groups 
> can be tasked with working on minimum equipment/software 
> requirements that organizations can use when trying to 
> purchase IPv6-capable equipment/software, that would be good 
> too. As of now, most organizations (governmental and 
> private) have no idea how to run purchase tenders that 
> should include IPv6 compliance.
This is one of the first and main objects of the TF
1) Examine what is out there
2) learn and share past experiences and properly document that 
3) Formulate guidelines and dated roadmaps to a rate that we can agree adapt to
4) Go back to 1
> I'm more than happy to help, of course, on this task force, 
> Hisham.
Thanks Mark, of course we count on that
> Mark.

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