[afripv6-discuss] IPv6 In South Africa

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Sat Jan 14 05:30:47 SAST 2012

On Saturday, January 14, 2012 03:49:22 AM Mark Elkins wrote:

> Ouch! - Shows what happens when one is off air for just
> 12 hours.


> Telkom has IPv6 but does not provide this over aDSL. The
> only Broadband IPv6 is via Tunnels.

Do you know whether Telkom SA terminate the tunnels in their 
network, or is it up to the customer to find a broker for 

> Neology do a lot of IPv6 and have an aDSL interconnect -
> so *may* have native IPv6 over aDSL - they are possibly
> the nearest folk to doing so.

Don't know whether there is anyone from Neology on the list. 
It would be great if they could confirm this.

> I'm personally waiting for our (Posix) Fibre to the Home
> services before offering further native IPv6.

Assuming you'll be considering GPON due to deployment costs, 
this will be fairly easy if you're providing static 
connections to customers, i.e., each customer is a separate 
VLAN with statically provisioned IP addresses.

But if you're doing regular broadband things like PPPoE, and 
lately, DHCP (where their v6 variants are PPPoEv6 and 
DHCPv6), this is would be a little more involving as 

If you're going Active-E and want to do PPPoEv6 or DHCPv6, 
this could be even more problematic, as regular Ethernet 
switches don't normally support GPON-style requirements, but 
with enough hacking and shouting at your vendors, they 
probably can.

These days, I'm particularly interested in deployment 
challenges in the Access (and enterprise LAN networks), 
particularly when retaining traditional broadband 
technologies such as PPPoE and DHCP.

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