[afripv6-discuss] IPv6 In South Africa

Mark Elkins mje at posix.co.za
Fri Jan 13 21:49:22 SAST 2012

Ouch! - Shows what happens when one is off air for just 12 hours.

Posix and Neology both do native IPv6.
You can see by looking at http://peering.posix.co.za/ to see who has
active IPv6 peering at JINX - and cross-check that with SIXXS.

I have a number of machines on IPv6 (eg - peering.posix.co.za above is
on IPv6)

Telkom has IPv6 but does not provide this over aDSL. The only Broadband
IPv6 is via Tunnels.

If anyone can tell me different - I'd like to know - I'm on the IPv6
Governmental Taskforce.

Neology do a lot of IPv6 and have an aDSL interconnect - so *may* have
native IPv6 over aDSL - they are possibly the nearest folk to doing so.

I'm personally waiting for our (Posix) Fibre to the Home services before
offering further native IPv6.

On Sat, 2012-01-14 at 00:33 +0800, Mark Tinka wrote:
> On Friday, January 13, 2012 09:23:13 PM Ahmed Abu-Abed 
> wrote:
> > Hello Mark,
> Hello Ahmed.
> > A Canadian firm, gogo6 Inc., makes IPv6 adapters that
> > plug into any IPv4-only modem (or home router) ethernet
> > port and enables the home LAN to be IPv6 ready with its
> > own public v6 prefix. No change of modem required.
> I'm aware of the work gogo6 are doing, but in all fairness, 
> this is just another tunnel to a tunnel box inside the ISP's 
> core.
> Failure of your v4 service will cripple v6.
> What will be difficult to do is getting native v6 access 
> into the home. That said, it won't be impossible, but only 
> if more ISP's are deploying and testing now.
> gogo6 is a great stop-gap until all the kinks are worked 
> out.
> > There is a free download software version of adapters
> > that works on Windows PCs; it essentially turns any PC
> > on the LAN into an IPv6 adapter.
> Well, all it does is implement the transition mechanisms, 
> that are being discussed in the IETF, in software.
> I expect we'll see more of this as those standards come to 
> fruition, as it's certainly plausible that one's PC or 
> laptop can be used as CPE.
> Mark.
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