[afripv6-discuss] Proposal for an African IPv6 Task force

Mark Elkins mje at posix.co.za
Sun Jun 20 14:44:23 SAST 2010

On Sat, 2010-06-19 at 19:53 +0300, hisham ahmed. ibrahim wrote:

> I am trying to raise general acceptance and consensus from the African
> countries and organizations active in the field Internet and access,
> for the launch of an African regional IPv6 Task Force.
> Africa is the only region in the world without a regional task force
> concerned meanly with IPv6 and its regional development, which has
> lead to some allegations from foreign organizations that claim that
> the African community needs chaperoning when it comes to ICT
> development (especially in regards to the Internet and IPv6).

[stuff deleted]

> I am trying to raise support from the community on this matter so will
> be waiting on any valuable insight, suggestions or contacts you might
> refer me to help see this regional initiative up and running as soon
> as humanly possible.

Hi Hisham,

Of course I support this and anything I can do... Unfortunately, in
South Africa, many seem to think they can just do everything themselves
- no help needed.

The South African ISPA ran a quick poll a few months ago on IPv6...
I believe that about 45 organisations have IPv4 address space.
19 members responded to the Poll..

5 - Fully ready
2 - Mostly ready
3 - Started getting IPv6 ready, lots to do
4 - Not ready, dependent on upstream provider
3 - Not a priority at the moment
2 - Vague sense of concern that this might be worth worrying about

I'd guess the other 20+ are not on the chart at all..

Our main registry (co.za) can take IPv6 glue - though  there has been
very little movement.

I am sure there will be another "Call to action" at our annual "i-week"
conference in September.
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