[afripv6-discuss] Where Are the Killer Applications for IPv6?

Borg Knight virtual.borg at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 14:53:01 SAST 2010

> Smart Grids are one application: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_grid
> In pleminary IETF discussions (an IETF groups has yet to be formed on
> this), I've argued that the first thing to make mandatory is for a Smart
> Grid to use IPv6. The demand for single IPv6 addresses for each customer
> meter is too high to be sustained by IPv4 - it would exhaust IPv4 address
> space.
True, this is (or should be) a no brainer. Additionally with the should
someone decided to give RFID chips an IP stack, IPv6 will be the only
sustainable source of addresses.

I was more concerned about applications within the enterprise that give IPv6
and edge of IPv6. Knowing the pain most people go with VPNs and IF
Microsoft's Direct Access (and a similar open source technology) can make
that pain go away, I believe lots it might be such a killer application.

Do we have anything in the multimedia/VoIP arena that is better with v6 than
with v4?
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