[AfrICANN-discuss] Issues of Canadian Visa for ICANN66

Dr Eberhard W Lisse el at lisse.NA
Fri Oct 25 11:15:42 UTC 2019


an invitation to a conference is a private/business matter.

It has, per se, NOTHING to do with government, and does NOT entitle any
participant to deviation from Visa regulations and/or their
implementation, in particular, since this in Canada is extremely

I also find that early application for a visa, and I mean EARLY, is
essential. And if there is a Consulate or Embassy nearby, a personal
visit often is helpful.

Shifting the blame is easy. And very common in the African context.

The agenda push argument is quite overrated in my experience.

Zoom is extremely good, not bandwidth intensive, and I use it all the
time in Africa and abroad.


On 2019-10-25 12:26 , Jacob Odame-Baiden wrote:

> El,

> Remote participation is good but not enough and that's why the

> physical meetings are crucial.


> Remote participation itself has become a major topic during Internet

> governance meetings with several calls to make it more efficient.


> The issue here is that once you've been invited and sometimes even

> received funding to attend, and you've made commitment of time, you

> should not be denied. VISA decisions are government decisions, but if

> we do more at the local host level we can reduce some of the denials

> which in my humble opinion are unjustified.


> You can't push any better agenda if you are not sitting at the table.

> Again my humble opinion.


> Kind regards,

> Jacob


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