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*Original post here: *

*Rudi International*is thrilled to announce the inaugural edition of
the *HakiConf
which is the « Conference on Human Rights in the Digital Age in the
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) »*, taking place from *November 5-6,
2018*in the country’s own touristic city of *Goma, the Democratic Republic
of Congo*.

*What’s the main theme?*« *Digital Rights in the DRC: Where Do We Stand?* »

The conference’s program will tackle some of the current and upcoming
pressing issues in the country and the region, including:

   - Privacy and data protection;
   - The context of digital legal frameworks in the country;
   - The Internet freedom landscape in the country and how can we leverage
   on success stories across Africa;
   - Digital rights during election times and what the Congo can learn from
   other African countries;
   - How can we leverage on the African Declaration on Internet Rights and
   Freedoms to design Internet freedom friendly legislations;
   - And much more.

*Who will be attending?*

We expect to host civil society leaders and organizations working on human
rights and digital rights issues, policy makers, journalists, lawyers,
technologists from inside and outside the country.

*Why should you attend?*

   - The #HakiConf2018 will be the first of its kind in the country, where
   (local and international) participants will have the opportunity to engage
   into meaningful discussions about the intersection of human rights and the
   - The conference is happening at the eve of general elections and will
   aim at setting the agenda for more discussions on how digital tools can
   support peaceful elections;
   - Join us to learn about the state of Internet freedoms in the largest
   country of the Sub Saharan Africa;
   - Join us to share best practices to inspire and challenge the local
   digital rights community in the Congo;
   - The conference will aim at setting the scene for meaningful
   discussions around issues such as privacy and data protection, access to
   information and the need for proper legal frameworks covering these issues;
   - Come meet and engage with human rights and digital rights activists
   who are working to challenge oppressive governments in Africa;
   - Come learn on the many opportunities that you and your organization
   can join those working to support a more open, free and accessible Internet
   in the DRC, that respects the fundamental rights of the people;
   - Come and be part of the movement in support of local efforts in the

*How can you be part of this?*

*Join us! Mark your calendar! Save the date and get ready for upcoming
official announcements.*

*There are some ways one can be part of the success of this event. Try one
(or all) of these:*

   - Pre-register here <https://goo.gl/forms/O2lFV6GdFDatTEbh2> to receive
   fresh updates leading to this event (including the upcoming calls for
   proposals and for the official registration);
   - Share this email across your other networks to raise awareness about
   the conference;
   - Get ready to physically join us in Goma and be part of live
   - This conference will be running through a generous core grant from
   Access Now but we would like to expand our pool of funders/sponsors: please
   reach out to learn how you can financially support this conference;
   - Please reach out to share any ideas, tips on how we can best use this
   conference to have meaningful and lasting results.

*How to get in touch?*

   - Connect with us through our website : rudiinternational.org
   <http://www.rudiinternational.org/>and email us at
   info at rudiinternational.org
   - Follow our social media channels to stay up to date: Rudi on Twitter
   <https://twitter.com/RudiIntl>, Rudi on Facebook
   - Don’t forget to pre-register <https://goo.gl/forms/O2lFV6GdFDatTEbh2> here
   to receive fresh updates leading to the conference.

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