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Source : https://dig.watch/newsletter

"Published on 31 October 2017, Issue 25 of the Geneva Digital Watch newsletter<https://dig.watch/sites/default/files/DWnewsletter25.pdf> provides the latest digital policy updates which took place in October. The main highlights include:

  *   An overview of the top digital policy trends in October, including courts revisiting privacy-related issues, governments increasingly focusing on artificial intelligence and considering the legal status of robots, and new indications that automation will affect jobs and employment.
  *   A look at the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the integration of human rights into business practices. While the intersection between business and human rights is not a new concept, the GDPR stands out as one of the first instruments that provide a concrete answer on how to practically incorporate human rights – in this case the right to privacy and data protection – into business’ operations.
  *   An overview of some of the positions of World Trade Organization (WTO) member states on whether the WTO should negotiate new e-commerce rules. While some states are lobbying for such negotiations, other argue that existing mechanisms are sufficient, and yet others are proposing compromises.
  *   A list of five steps to help Internet governance stakeholders get ready for the 12h Internet Governance Forum (IGF) meeting, to be held on 18–21 December in Geneva.
  *   A round-up of the main digital policy updates of October, with security, e-commerce, new technologies, and legal issues being prominent this month; and a review of the main digital policy events that were held in International Geneva during the past month."

Find the newsletter in full here : https://dig.watch/sites/default/files/DWnewsletter25.pdf

Source : https://dig.watch/newsletter
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