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*The Internet Society is searching for representatives from Civil Society
and nonprofits globally for it Ambassadors program to the **Internet
Governance Forum* <https://www.intgovforum.org/>* (IGF) and associated
activities in Geneva, Switzerland from December 17 to 21, 2017.*

IGF Civil Society Ambassadorships are for next generation leaders who have
a strong interest in the issues and themes of the IGF.  Selection for the
Ambassadorships is competitive.

*The Internet Society Ambassadors to IGF program is looking for Civil
Society representatives with the following attributes:*

· Works with or demonstrates an interest in utilizing the Internet or

· Is active in policy discussions

· Has mobilized a group for a cause or lead an advocacy campaign

· Has experience and passion in convening diverse groups of stakeholders to
advance the global good

*About the IGF Ambassadorship Award*

*- ISOC membership is required and applicants must register for their free
ISOC membership prior to submitting the application for the IGF

- Take note of practical information
including which financial elements the award is intended to cover. There
are certain expectations
upon award recipients, including administration and preparation for the
Forum, and sharing their experiences afterwards.
*-The deadline to apply is September 24, 2017.*

*How to Apply*


*About the **Internet Governance Forum* <https://www.intgovforum.org/>
* (IGF)*

The Internet’s influence has touched people all over the globe. In 2003 and
2005, the United Nations organized the World Summit on the Information
Society (WSIS). One of the most critical outcomes from this landmark summit
was the creation of the Internet Governance Forum, or the "IGF".  Each year
there are global, national, and regional IGFs events happening around the

Every IGF offers a unique space for an amazing range of people to share
information and develop solutions on key Internet issues. It was
purposefully designed not to be a decision-making body, *which allows
people to speak freely, on an equal footing*, without limitations linked to
the negotiations of formal outcomes. What comes out of the IGF, however,
plays an essential role in shaping decisions taken by other groups that *helps
the Internet run*

*Take Part in the Forum*

Those individuals chosen as ISOC Ambassadors to IGF take part in the forum
itself, providing subject matter expertise and facilitating the exchange of
information and best practices with key stakeholders participating in the
meetings. In the lead up to the Forum itself, each ambassador
will participate in an online course for four weeks and will be paired with
a mentor – an experienced IGF participant, often a former recipient of this
award – who will help them prepare and familiarize themselves with the
relevant IGF materials, as well as acting as a point of contact at the
meeting itself.

Ambassadors represent the Internet Society by promoting the organization’s
positions on public policy issues related to the discussions happening at
the IGF <https://www.internetsociety.org/igf>. They also contribute by
providing local and regional perspectives and opinions to enhance the
quality of the various sessions and workshops.

For any other information, please contact bengaard at isoc.org


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