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Dear Colleagues,

Apologies for cross posting and possible duplication.

This is for those of you in Kenya.

Kind regards,


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Dear Listers,

KICTANet in partnership with HIVOS East Africa and Facebook is pleased to
announce an open call for participants of the first Kenya School of
Internet Governance (KeSIG).

We are interested in getting citizens from all sectors: government,
academia, tech community, civil society, bloggers and journalists  who are
new to Internet Governance issues.

KeSIG is an introductory course covering technical, economic, legal and
contemporary social issues brought about by the Internet.
​The main topics to be covered include:


   Introduction to Internet Governance

   Main issues in Internet Governance in Kenya

   Kenya’s Internet Governance policy /legal framework(s)
   4. Internet Governance processes and how to engage in them

The training will use a participatory approach and will have faculty
sourced from all stakeholder groups. It will take place at Strathmore
University from 16th to 18th November 2016.

​Please apply here

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with Liz Orembo
(lizorembo at gmail.com) who is coordinating this project.

Kind Regards,

Grace L.N. Mutung'u
Nairobi Kenya
Skype: gracebomu
Twitter: @Bomu


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*Open, Till NOV 18, 2016:*
Call for Nominations: Executive Council, African Youth Commission

Best Regards,

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