[AfrICANN-discuss] Joint meeting of African community in Hyderabad "Impact of the IANA Transition and ICANN Accountability on Africa"

Khaled Koubaa khaled.koubaa at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 01:34:05 UTC 2016

Hi Aziz,
Thank you for sharing this draft with us.
I think this is an excellent statement and I strongly support its
suggestion of phasing the sub-group work and ensure diversity of views.

I have 2 minor edits on the draft statement :
*Paragraph 3 : *" ... by the ICANN community over the last 2 years towards
..." I think it is better if we remove the number of years to not lessen
the work the community did in the past years (more than 2) to push for the
transition decision to come out. We can just say " ... by the ICANN
community over the past years towards ..."
*Paragraph 4 :* "That act has put the USA in high regard and will also
strengthen the Internet Multi-stakeholder model of Internet Governance. "
 To avoid make up one's mind on one specific government, I would rather
prefer we say  "That act will also strengthen the Internet
Multi-stakeholder model of Internet Governance."


Khaled Koubaa
Twitter : @koubaak <https://twitter.com/koubaak>
LinkedIn : http://lnked.in/kkoubaa

Le 10 octobre 2016 à 17:44, Aziz Hilali <hilaliaziz at yahoo.fr> a écrit :

> [English]
> Dear all,
> Following my email of September 14, 2016, AFRALO will hold during ICANN57
> in Hyderabad, the joint AFRALO/AfrICANN meeting to debate the theme "Impact
> of the IANA Transition and ICANN Accountability on Africa".
> Please find attached the draft statement of the joint meeting due to take
> place in “Hall” Meeting Room, on Monday 7th November 2016,13:45-15:00,
> https://goo.gl/A9UlAZ.
> Would you please provide your comments on this draft before the end of
> Wednesday, October 12, 2016, to allow us to include them before printing
> the final version and then distribute it to the participants in the meeting
> for discussion, modification if any and adoption.
> Best regards,
> Aziz Hilali
> AFRALO Chair
> -----------------------
> [French]
> Chers tous,
> Suite à mon mail du 14 Septembre 2016, AFRALO organisera à l’occasion de
> ICANN57 à Hyderabad, une réunion conjointe AFRALO AfrICANN, pour débattre
> du sujet "Impact de la Transition des fonctions IANA et la Redevabilité de
> l’ICANN sur l’Afrique".
> Je vous prie de trouver ci-joint le projet de déclaration la réunion
> conjointe qui aura lieu dans la salle de réunion "Hall", le lundi 7
> Novembre 2016 de 13:45 à 15:00 https://goo.gl/vBwB3p
> Je vous prie de donner vos remarques sur ce projet au plus tard le
> Mercredi 12 Septembre 2016, pour que l’on puisse les inclure avant
> d’imprimer la version finale et ensuite la distribuer aux participants à la
> réunion pour discussion, modification s’il y a lieu et adoption.
> Cordialement
> Aziz Hilali
> Président d’AFRALO
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