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From: Donovan Guttieres <donovan.guttieres at childrenyouth.org>
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Subject: Call Applications: Youth Commission for Science, Engineering &
Technology (SET) for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - Due
December 7!
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The *Youth Commission for Science, Engineering & Technology (SET)* for
the *Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs)* is being launched to engage young practitioners
in formal science-policy avenues within the UN system in order to share
their perspectives on the role of science, technology, and innovation for
achieving the SDGs <https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdgs>. More
specifically, it will make links between thematic expertise within/between
SDGs being reviewed during this year’s UN Cycle *(SDGs 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 14,
17) *and with existing intergovernmental frameworks on sustainable

The work will include reaching out to various networks of young
practitioners from diverse academic, formal/informal knowledge systems, and
regions in order to compile inputs into a comprehensive report on the
positions youth have on the role of science, technology, and innovation in
informing the implementation, follow-up, and review of the SDGs, as well as
ways to strengthen the nexus between science, technology, policy, and

We are also hoping to engage youth organizations, as well as develop an
intergenerational dialogue by approaching various science academies and
related UN entities.

It seeks to mobilize youth efforts towards concrete *deliverables* to be
showcased at global fora, such as the *UNCTAD Commission on Science &
Technology for Development (CSDT)*, *Annual Multi-stakeholder Forum on ST&I
for SDGs*, and *High-Level Political Forum*. It also seeks to build the
appropriate *linkages* across themes and processes in order to promote
concerted and collective efforts towards strengthening the role of the
science-policy interface. The expected deliverables will be *youth-led* and
motivated by the innovation, passion, and enthusiasm of young

The full description of proposed objectives, coordination structure,
deliverables, and timeline for the Youth Commission on SET for SDGs can
found *here*

The Commission will be coordinated by the *UN Major Group for Children &
Youth, Science-Policy Interface Platform facilitation team*, with
additional support from selected individuals and relevant youth-led

Ways to Contribute:

   - Any youth or organization is welcome to contribute inputs towards the
   deliverables of the Youth Commission, to be presented in different fora
   related to the science-policy interface, as per inclusive practices of the
   UN MGCY (avenues for inputs will be shared between *January-April 2017*)
   - Any individual below 30 years, engaging in relevant work, can *apply*
   to be part of the commission support team.
   - Any youth organization related to the themes being discussed (notably
   SDGs 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 14) can *apply* to support the work of the
   commission. Strong preference will be given to youth part of organizations.
   - Non-youth are welcome to join as technical observers, giving both
   critical feedback and guidance to best leverage the work of the Youth
   Commission on SET for SDGs, as well as disseminate opportunities to provide

*Deadline* for *submission of applications
*December 7th, 2016 at 11:59 GMT.*

Duration of Work: *December* 2016 to *July* 2017

For any questions or feedback, please email spiteam at childrenyouth.org

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Donovan on behalf of UN MGCY SPI Facilitation team
Donovan Guttieres
Focal Point
Science-Policy Interface Platform
UN Major Group for Children & Youth <http://childrenyouth.org>

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