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Dr Eberhard Lisse el at lisse.NA
Thu Jul 9 11:36:31 UTC 2015

I had already been wondering about whether dyslexia is an entry
requirement for ALAC participation after his performance of trying
to read a simple resolution into the record at AFRALO/AfrICANN in
Buenos Aires, but for all I have been trying to do, discouraging
participation is clearly none of.

And I did not "come on a regional list", I have been subscribed and
responded (in particular to childish postings like these) for quite
a while.

I do not "act on a global list" I am a *member*, appointed by a
chartered organization (ccNSO), of the CCWG Accountability in which
he is a *participant*, and my sole interest is not waffling all day
long about kumbaya but trying to actually do something against the
railroading that is happening and going to happen.

Decidedly uninteresting, having to deal with amateurs all the time.

PS: As far as netiquette is concerned, it appears that he not only
does not understand what cross-posting means, he also does not know
how to quote properly, and in particular mark deleted portions of a
previous email (such as by way of [...]  for example), and in this
case all before the single one quoted below.

Or would that have been deliberate?


On 2015-07-09 11:54, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
> On 9 Jul 2015 11:16 am, "Dr Eberhard Lisse" <el at lisse.na> wrote:
>> But, there just is no excuse for not registering as a participant
>> and taking part.
> SO:
> Interesting, he comes on the regional list encouraging
> participation yet he acts on the contrary on global list.
> What a huge contrast!
> Regards

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