[AfrICANN-discuss] Zimbabwe Holds its First DNS Workshop, Could this be a Step towards Better DNS Management?

Dr Eberhard W Lisse el at lisse.NA
Thu Dec 3 09:03:47 UTC 2015


IPv6 is not an issue :-)-O

Since they don't have DNSSEC EDNS doesn't matter, I think.

But, the root and whois show 4 name servers

zw.			172800	IN	NS	ns2.gip.net.
zw.			172800	IN	NS	ns3.telone.co.zw.
zw.			172800	IN	NS	ns1.telone.co.zw.
zw.			172800	IN	NS	ns2.telone.co.zw.

ns1.telone.co.zw.	172800	IN	A
ns2.telone.co.zw.	172800	IN	A
ns3.telone.co.zw.	172800	IN	A
ns2.gip.net. 		172800 	IN 	A

All name servers, including ns2.gip.net have only three name servers
listed (missing ns2.gip.net)

zw.			86400	IN	NS	ns1.telone.co.zw.
zw.			86400	IN	NS	ns2.telone.co.zw.
zw.			86400	IN	NS	ns3.telone.co.zw.

which are all on the same rack (France).

If either telone.co.zw failed to resolve or the data center went off
line, I don't know what would happen since ns2.gip.net does not know
about itself.

Probably failure to resolve ZW.


On 2015-12-03 10:16, Mike Silber wrote:
> Hi Isaac
> On 02/12/2015 19:46, Marketing Consultancy wrote:
>> Hi Mike,
>> Thanks for sharing the resources and the advice. Could you also share
>> with me the ZISPA's Lookup service link?.
> http://www.zispa.org.zw/find.html
> Just a lookup to check availability - does not indicate registrant
> details (which it seems is what you are seeking). I am sure ZISPA would
> be willing to have a discussion about greater transparency - but given
> that they operate the co.zw sub-domain as a public service, cost may be
> a consideration.
> Might be worth discussing with POTRAZ (the Sponsoring Organisation) or
> TelOne the technical contact.
> Again (just a personal opinion), I would be more worried about 3 out of
> 4 nameservers in country, no IPv6, one nameserver not providing EDNS
> responses, rather than whois:
> https://www.huque.com/app/dnsstat/detail/zw/
> Regards
> Mike
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