[AfrICANN-discuss] Zimbabwe Holds its First DNS Workshop, Could this be a Step towards Better DNS Management?

Michele Neylon - Blacknight michele at blacknight.com
Wed Dec 2 19:21:22 UTC 2015


>Personally I would be more concerned with working abuse@ addresses (RFC 


I’m not sure what the policy is in the Afrinic region on abuse contacts.
In the RIPE region all “objects” now have to have an abuse contact.

So in theory, at least, all hosting providers / ISPs should be reachable.

Of course all ICANN accredited registrars have specific obligations regarding the handling of abuse complaints, but that’s a more complex matter.

For ccTLDs and their registrars it would be “good” if there were clear abuse contacts as well.

And to be clear - a “contact” is just that - it’s not an obligation to take any specific action.

>Michele operates a successful registrar business. Might be worth getting 
>him to explain his views, rather than arguing with him.

Relatively successful :) We’re still very small in the grand scheme of things :)

Always happy to discuss views on both operational, policy and business 



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